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Harrison Damp Treatments
Mould and damp is the symptom of a cause, the cause MUST be fixed and completely sorted in a safe manner, before the damp and mould can  be successfully treated
Harrison Damp Treatments can carry out almost all your damp and mould issues. As per our high standards and quality of our work we do not cut corners or use low-cost chemicals or products in the process of carrying out our work, we are a part of the Harrison Building Services Team, view here for more details about us
Mould can be an extremely dangerous substance to have around your property, and as such it requires to be treated in a respectful and safe manner. All removed items are treated and disposed of as hazardous waste and should be treated before removal from the property.
Even though mould problems can be hazardous to health, there is no requirement to push a fair price up just to make the work look more serious than it is. As per all hazardous work if it is carried out with respect and in the correct manner, there is little danger to anyone. We only trade at a fair price based upon time and materials used.
We do not scaremonger or play upon your fears we just sort out the problem.
We do not go where the path may lead and follow others, we have our own methodolgy of treatments and as such, we go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail for others to follow.
If the following link does not work the picture shows the first few hazards to health, The following linkshould take you to a website that shows a few class 1 hazards to health around the home, the very first one is Black Mould

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